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Back Row

Back Row Station
This is the best machine for total back development. Designed for total back development

Back Row

Independent Back Row Machine
(Same as above) Best machine for total back development. Our seated back row allows the user the most fluid back workout available. Built for total back development.

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Butt & Thigh Shaper
Larger image of the Butt and Thigh Shaper Station. Its an outstanding way to develop and shape your butt.

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Butt Workout Station
Butt & Thigh
Butt & Thigh Shaper
Health Club Quality Butt Shaper Workout Station. An outstanding way to develop your lower body.

Hyper Extension
Hyper Extension Machine
Use to strengthen and tighten your lower back.
Fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of users.

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Hyper Extension
Hyper Extension Machines
This workout station helps strengthen and tighten your lower back to perfection. It helps develop back, isolate glutens and hamstring muscles for superb definition.

Calf Machine
Seated Calf Exercise Station
This is an economical calf workout machine although its designed for professional use. Develop superior calves.

Inversion Table
The benefits of inversion have been known for thousands of years and include: increased oxygen to the brain and cells, removal of toxins, increased physical and mental energy, reduced anxiety and stress, lymphatic drainage, plus an effective treatment for many conditions of the spine and back.

Inversion Table
Large image and description of the Motion Inversion Table. Great exercise equipment for effective treatment of back and spine.

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Lower Body Exercise Equipment Directory
This is where you can find a verity of exercise equipment related to working out your lower body.

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*All weights are sold separately. Equipment sold under the RockSolid brand name are manufactured by Yukon Fitness International

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